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Jeff & Sharyn's Maui Huelo Rentals

View from the Huelo Point Lookout House


Minutes from beaches, shopping, and fine dining, Huelo Point Lookout is a remote north shore treasure bathed in constant rainbows. Four separate unique units: features include mountain and ocean views, wrap around decks with ponds and waterfall, skylights, hot tubs under the stars, a 44ft rock walled swimming pool, a ball and claw Victorian bath tub, custom tiled hot showers under the stars, views along the ocean cliffs to Hana from your bed, lush tropical fruit, fresh herbs and vegetables from our organic garden, whale watching from the deck, gourmet meals and relaxing massages on request. From $135-$460 a night.

Welcome to Hawaii - we look forward to sharing with you some of our unique experiences of this lovely island of Maui.

We're about 40 minutes from the airport and we live in Huelo (hu-aylo), mysteriously described in one of the travel books as "an old Hawaiian village forgotten by time". Two churches at the top of the road were built back in the 1800's. Apparently stones were passed along a line of people stretching 3/4 of a mile from the bottom of the cliffs near our house all the way up to the church construction site. Of course, the valley of Huelo is much older than this. A few months ago a huge ancient Hawaiian hei'au was unearthed. As you wind down Door of Faith Church road you pass families who were born here relaxing with a cool drink under the trees or on a veranda. Old Johnny owns the farm nearby- at the age of 83 he still works 12 hours a day on his farm "Kanane O Huelo" ("Beautiful Huelo")... bananas...red ginger...papayas... We took exactly 10 minutes to decide to buy our house here!

We are on Huelo Point about 400 yards back and 300 feet above the cliffs of Waipio Bay, the "weather vortex" of this side of the island, and from here you can watch dramatic weather changes sweep along the coastal cliffs from Hana all the way up the summit to Haleakala.

Fifteen minutes away is Ho'okipa Beach, where the world famous windsurfing "Aloha Classic" is held just down the road from the infamous "Jaws" which makes its spectacular appearance in all the well known surfing movies. Thirty minutes away is Pa'ia, (pronounced pa-EEa) a funky little sugar and windsurfing town that is rapidly becoming a tourist destination because of its good restaurants and boutiques. It is also a center for a lot of "alternative" life stylers- so there is a wonderful organic food market and vegan restaurant.

Our house is ideally located for exploring this side of the island, with easy access to "upcountry"- the old cowboy town of Makawao (good art galleries & shopping) and then of course the 10,000 foot Haleakala ("House of the Sun") which is right in our back yard. We're just at the start of the highway to Hana - before the road gets seriously curvy.

Come prepared to enjoy the unique peace and beauty as well as the drama and power of this side of the island. Where else could you sit and watch rainbows march to your doorstep and slip over your house? Or in the whale season watch mother and calf frolic for hours? Or be able to walk to a 127' waterfall and swim in its pools? Or go from silence to 60 mph wind and 2 inches of rain and back to a rainbow and clear skies all in 15 minutes?

You might prefer to go for a walk with our neighbor "Lucienne", who has spent years exploring the island and finding secluded waterfalls and coves or a sacred path to an ancient Hawaiian fishing village. Another of our neighbors leads horseback rides through the valleys here. We can also arrange to have a masseuse spoil you with a uniquely Hawaiian lomi lomi massage, or you might like to arrange an in house chef for that special dinner, work it off by walking a few doors down the road to join a morning yoga class.

It's fun to leave the hustle and bustle of the "tourist side" of the island of Maui and become explorer again. We can guarantee you'll return home having touched the real Maui which is there if you know where to look. Huelo, our mostly-still-undiscovered part of Maui, was the subject of a special feature article in the May/June 98 issue of "Hawaii Magazine". Or you might like to read a little about us in the December 95 issue of National Geographic Traveler- we were written up there as part of their article on "The Real Maui"- an excellent article for anyone coming to the island for the first time, or for those travelers who are looking for something a little more adventurous than the usual hotel experience.

We also offer a hot tub under the stars and a wonderful 40' freeform jungle swimming pool for you to enjoy, landscaped with palms and sweetly scented night jasmine. (Rainbow Cottage has its own private hot tub). You may just choose to lie by the pool and not go anywhere else at all!

Your Hosts

Jeff used to be a dentist specializing in treatment of phobic patients with hypnosis - but the commute to San Francisco was a bit much - so he retired from that profession and now enjoys teaching and private counseling. Sharyn was an actress, radio announcer and speech therapist in Australia, her country of birth. Until recently, she ran an eclectic video and gift shop in Paia.

As of 01/25/98 we both have a new "surprise" career - we're parents of Kai Nalu ("Ocean Wave" in Hawaiian)-who can often be seen elbow deep in banana bread or macadamia nuts!

As hosts we understand peoples' different needs for privacy and are very happy to respect those needs. We always take our cue from our guests!

Ask Jeff about his unique form of private counseling for those seeking physical and/or emotional healing and/or personal growth.


The area you will be staying is known as Huelo, located on Maui's rugged North Shore.

Maui Map

Driving time between Kahului airport and Huelo is about 30-40 minutes, depending on how you drive and who you are following. As there are no stores or restaurants in Huelo, you might like to grab a few things in the town of Paia (Mana Foods) before you drive out (Breakfast is not provided, as each cottage has a full kitchen). We highly recommend that you come in daylight (dark by 6:00) as the road markers are much easier to see.

Directions: From Kahului Airport: Just look for the signs directing you towards Hana and/or Paia. You'll take Hana Highway (#36) through the town of Paia, and along the north shore. There are green roadside mile markers which start at '0' in Kahului. They "turn over" after mile 16 and start again at '0' after the intersection of highway#365.

Continue on the Hana Highway until you see the large yellow sign which says "Narrow Winding Road Next 30 Miles." Our road is about 1 mile from this sign so check your odometer here; this is where you start the true Hana Highway of legend, with its many curves.

At mile marker 3 start watching for L. Waipio Rd. on your left (sometimes this sign is down). If you don't see it just keep an eye on the odometer and look for all the mail boxes and a telephone. It is a big open space with our road funneling down off it. Turn left down this road - Kaulanapueo Road Turnout (known locally as "Door of Faith"). The only sign is the "warrior" symbol. If you pass milemarker 4 you've gone too far. The turnout is on your left - just look out for lots of mailboxes and a telephone. (If you call us from here, we can come up and meet you in about 5 minutes - please feel free to do so if you get lost).

Turn off here, and go down the road, (mark your odometer...exactly a 1/2 mile (5 tenths) to the next turn). It's a country road, so please proceed slowly and carefully (10 mph or less) and just enjoy the views on the way down. You'll pass the church, continue down, then turn left at the red house with palm trees and a sign saying "Please drive slow-Children 15 mph" (exactly 1/2 mile from the top) . People may stop and visit with neighbors while you wait but don't try to pass unless they wave you on...it's normal here. Go another 1/2 mile (4-5 tenths) and look to your right. Just 25 feet before the road turns again there is a telephone pole (#18) with green reflectors on it. To your right you will see 4 possible driveways to go down. Turn right into the driveway with two more green reflectors on the posts marking the driveway (i.e. the one closest to the telephone pole) and enjoy the palm arbor. The driveway will go downhill and fork. Take the left fork to us (at the Lookout House) and drive up to the main house (carport in front of it) and we'll help you settle in. Come thru carport & up the back steps.

If you're coming in late and doing self check-in, the first cottage on the driveway corner is Haleakala. If you turn left at this fork you'll end up at the Lookout House (you'll see the carport) and Rainbow Cottage (on the other side of the pool). If you don't turn left at the fork, but continue ahead and then curve left, you'll end up in a small circular driveway leading to Star Cottage.

Financial Policy

Reservations are 50% non refundable at the time of booking and become 100% non refundable 60 days in advance of arrival. Credit cards are used only to HOLD a booking, not for actual payment except in cases of no show/cancellation or early checkout - in which case your card WILL be charged and will appear on your billing statment under "Paia Video".

You may pay the full amount on arrival by cash or travelers' checks only, or you may choose to pay by personal check 60 days in advance.

Minimum stay is generally one week and published rates are weekly rates-but shorter stays may be arranged at additional cost.

Check in time is 3 pm and Check out time is 11 am.

Cancellation Policy: Bookings are 50% non refundable at the time of booking, 100% non refundable 60 days in advance. If for any reason you have to cancel, we will do our best to re-book your space. If we succeed, you'll only have to pay a 10% re-booking fee.

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Toll Free 1 800 871-8645

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